Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Letterpressed Coasters for Sale!

What a lucky person I am! To be able to work with Becky Mullins once again! This time, Becky and I produced 3 different coasters as our first collaboration.

First batch of these cards are made for Hey Marseilles, one of the Seattle's growing great Folk bands. I made these illustrtaions as a part of their merchandise I art-directed for. I did the illustration/design, and Becki did the printing at her letterpress shop in West Seattle. Every time I visit her, I learn so much about Letterpress from her and it has been a total pleasure to work with her!

幸運な事に、また活版印刷(レタープレス)スタジオ Myrtle Alley Press を経営するベッキーと仕事をするチャンスが有りました。今回は、二人のコラボレーションとして、2種類のコースターを制作。デザインの木の幹とフクロウ魚は私のイラスト、これはシアトルのフォークバンド Hey Marseillesのバンドグッズ用に作成したもので、今回バンドへのプレゼントとしてベッキーの印刷スタジオでコースターにしてみました。毎回ベッキーのスタジオにお邪魔するたびに、活版印刷の機械の歴史・操作・特徴などについて教えてもらえて、とても勉強になります。

The Theme is The Whimsical Northwest.

You can feel and see and enjoy the texture of the paper, embossing, custom mixed color of the coaster once you hold it in your hands. It'd dress up your tables in the theme of Northwest craft work!


Tree trunk and The Owl Fish, both of the coasters are available for purchase at Becki's website for 4 for $8.


They are all Finely Produced in Seattle, WA.
More stuff will come soon...!


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