Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bookmark of a book for Richard Hugo House (unreleased)

This was originally created as one of the series of fundraising campaign collaterals for Richard Hugo House. Richard Hugo House is a non profit organization and is a center for the literary arts that supports writers of all ages and backgrounds and promotes the creation of new writing.


このしおりは、シアトルの無益団体で、文学・作家希望の若者から大人までを応援するRichard Hugo Houseが、寄付金を募るための販促品の一部としてデザインしました。

This bookmark is one of the pieces that I designed when I worked at Golden Lasso a couple of years ago. For the literature lovers, bookmarks are always the "must item" to carry on your book. But it is so easy to lose it by getting it sink between the pages.

Hugo Houseは以前にGolden Lassoで働いていた時のクライアントで、しおりのデザインのコンセプトとしては、本好きが必ず持ち歩くものをデザインしよう、というもの。でも、普通のしおりはよく頁の間に埋まってしまうし、ただのしおりでは販促ツールとしての存在感に欠けますよね。

Then, I realized. What if it has the thing to stay above the book top, and what if that thing shaped like a book!? Yes, it's a book-shaped bookmark!


Just like the logo for the Richard Hugo House, this book-shaped bookmark with a quote of Mr. Richard Hugo will always support you and encourage you as you read more books. Unfortunately, the grant we tried to get for them did not go through, so this project was ended un published but we do hope that someday we will make this happen.

Richard Hugo氏のQuoteをしおりbook見開きにかかげ、当局の方にもとても気に入ってもらったのですが、期待していた支援団体からの補助金交付が発行されなくなったため、保留となってしまいました。惜しかった。いつかの機会に是非実行したいプロジェクトの一つです。

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